Trust A Custom Home Builder With A Comprehensive Design and Build Plan

Working with a custom home builder should be a fun and exciting experience. At AM Yoder & Co. we believe meticulous planning during pre-construction will lead to a smooth execution during construction. From a simplified selections process to bi-weekly site meetings, our building process is designed to inspire confidence in our clients by keeping the lines of communication open. Whether the job is a remodel, addition or new construction, we work hard in the pre-construction phase to produce a comprehensive plan and account for contingencies and roadblocks we expect to face along the way.

A Simplified Selections Process Brings Your Dreams To Fruition

A good custom home builder should be able to connect you with preferred suppliers for choosing your new home’s most important components like floors, counters, cabinets and appliances. At A M Yoder & Co. we go above and beyond by pairing you with Melinda Yoder, an experienced Selections Coordinator who knows your budget and specific needs. Working side by side with Melinda allows you to enjoy the fun parts of the process, knowing that a design and selections expert is there to offer advice and pay close attention to your unique budget and selections needs.

Bi-Weekly Site Meetings Ensure Accountability and Keep You Updated

Staying accountable to schedules and keeping clients informed throughout the construction process are top priorities for any custom home builder. Bi-weekly site meetings are an excellent way to stay accountable to our initial project timeline and give our customers a regularly scheduled time to see progress and ask important questions. During these meetings we’ll walk through every inch of the house with our client and subcontractors – locating every power outlet, television hookup and light fixture to ensure our client’s specific living needs are met. We also set aside time during site meetings to review project finances and make sure all budget questions are answered.

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