Are You Ready To Work With A Custom Home Builder?

Knowing when to begin a conversation with a custom home builder is as simple as this: If you’re wondering about it, it’s time. We have provided support and service to clients at every stage of the building process, from those who are out browsing their neighborhood for ideas to those who have a floor plan in hand and are ready to build. Some people choose to start the process on their own; seeking out a plot of land and taking the initiative to define their own stylistic and functional needs. Others choose to involve us right from the beginning, requesting our presence, expertise and advice in every conversation and major decision. Regardless of which customer you are, we’re available to encourage, guide, and support your specific needs.

Trust An Experienced Custom Home Builder to Guide You Through The Process

We encourage prospective clients to get in touch with us no matter how far along they are in the building process. If you’re wondering when to connect with a custom home builder, consider any of the following as an appropriate time to reach out to us:

  • General Questions. You’re just beginning to think about building a custom home and you have general questions about the process
  • Focusing on a Style. You drove past a house in a neighborhood that you really like and wonder if you can build something similar
  • Expert Advice. You want a custom home builder to accompany you on a land visit or you’ve already seen a few pieces of property and want our opinions
  • Ready to Build. You have a floor plan and designs picked out and are seeking a general contractor

A M Yoder & Co. Is a Custom Home Builder With A Passion for Planning

What sets A M Yoder apart from any other custom home builder in the Valley is our unparalleled passion for the planning process. We ensure that all of the fine details have been outlined and agreed upon before we break ground and keep our clients informed with monthly financial reports along the way. Have peace of mind working with a custom home builder who goes above and beyond to keep you in the loop from start to finish.

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