Sustainable, High Performance Building Practices Save You Money and Improve Your Home’s Quality and Comfort

Public misconceptions of sustainable building often leave people thinking about solar panels and composting toilets. Sustainable building refers to a much broader set of practices that offer clients simple ways to save money and use less natural resources during construction and over the life of their home. As pioneers of sustainable, high performance building in the Shenandoah Valley, A M Yoder has extensive knowledge of practices, materials and appliances that offer improved performance in your home’s overall comfort level, air quality and energy efficiency. We’ll help you choose environmentally conscious products that reduce the monthly costs of operating your home.

A M Yoder & Co Is An Award Winning Sustainable Building Company

Since opening in 2004, we have prided ourselves on being responsible builders who are careful to consider our environmental impact. Over the last decade, A M Yoder & Co. has received several awards and acknowledgements that recognize our commitment to sustainable building practices, including the National Association of Homebuilder Green Certification. In 2012 we were awarded “Builder of The Year” by EarthCraft House Virginia, an organization that recognizes companies who meet their incredibly high standards for sustainable building throughout the construction process. A M Yoder is also a proud Energy Star Partner, which gives our clients unique access to continually updated educational information, tax incentive updates, and other green building information.

We Spend Time Evaluating Your Energy Efficiency Goals and Sustainable Building Priorities

Understanding our clients’ specific needs and goals with regard to energy usage and efficiency is integral to our sustainable building process. At the start of every project, we take time to ask questions and determine which specific aspects of sustainable building like air quality, energy efficiency, and alternative energy sources are most important to you. We provide solutions that meet your specific needs and ensure peak performance out of your home.

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