A M Yoder & Co. Is a Trusted Residential Construction Company With A Reputation for Excellent Service

Doing business for more than a decade in the Shenandoah Valley, A M Yoder has gained a reputation for being a residential construction company with the capacity to meet the needs of any size project while providing excellent service. Our success is derived from a process that strongly emphasizes honest and open communication, financial transparency, and detailed planning in the pre-construction stage. We take extra care to ensure that the most stressful aspects of residential construction like budgets, selections, schedules and change orders are taken care of in an easy and stress free manner.

Co-Construct Project Management Software Makes You Part of Every Conversation

Our clients never have to worry about tracking down an architect or subcontractor during regular business hours to ask a simple question. Co-Construct software is easy to use and offers constant access to budget, timeline, and selections information that pertains to your home. Enjoy a convenient way to review important project details on your own schedule.

Enjoy Peace of Mind Working With Residential Construction Experts Who Give You Complete Access to Financials

The best way to ensure peace of mind during construction is to report accurate financial information to our clients in a timely fashion. We keep a detailed log with notes and receipts on every major draw or purchase we make on the job and supply you with a comprehensive financial report at the end of every month. Regular reports ensure accountability and provide a constant overview of your initial budget vs. actual costs.

Change Requests Give You Freedom To Make Small Modifications Without Extra Fees

At A M Yoder & Co. we take a different approach to change requests. We want our clients to feel comfortable customizing their homes and making some small changes to initial plans along the way. Each customer change request is discussed as a team, including budget and time line implications. Costs for changes are billed at the same markup as the rest of the project, so Owners do not feel penalized for customizing their home. Browse our gallery for examples of our work.

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